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Our four pillars of support

The firm stability of our depth and strength can be attributed to four pillars of support. We manufacture filters for dust separation/flue gas cleaning, wet filtration, ventilation and carry out servicing.

Not only does this ensure our own security but also that of our customers who only need to contact us to resolve their numerous needs and requirements. For example, we can manufacture and supply filter hoses, conduct the replacements at the customer’s filter installation and thereafter arrange for accredited emission measurements to be performed.

This qualifies us, together with our expertise and experience, as a strong and complete co-operation partner.

Dust separation/flue gas cleaning

Your company should be able to meet the limit values for emissions of dust. That is our task. At the same time, you will want to keep your costs down. That is our second task. By virtue of our long experience and close co-operation with apparatus manufacturers, we can recommend the optimum filter for your installation. This results in the lowest possible total cost per m³ of cleaned air.

Wet filtration

Wet filters extract particles from fluids and where there are demands for high dry content and low sludge content. Because wet filtration is often a part of industrial manufacturing processes, good co-operation between the filter supplier and customer is essential. Together we can find the most suitable filter for every process. Our filter material can be combined with many types of meshes in different designs to give optimum filtration and a longer service life.


Effective filters are prerequisites if the best possible environment and protection for ventilation plant and equipment is to be attained. All our filters are adapted to individual customer specifications regarding shape, form, filtration grade and characteristics. Because we have our own in-house production and a flexible organisation we can quickly satisfy our customers’ needs and supply specially customized filters.

Special products and accessories

Because we work with many different textile materials and have a profound experience of industrial processes and textile manufacturing, we can offer a wide range of textile products.

Rökgasrening Våtfiltrering

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